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In Remembrance
NE (1991- / )

In Remembrance

a poem dedicated to the victims of 9/11, the victims' friends or family, or anyone who witnessed the atrocity that fateful morning

Ive seen all of your faces,
The forlorn countenance of the dejected,
And i remember what it was really like
When we found out what really went on.
The hopes of an entire civilization
Were interrupted simultaneously.
The lives of a world
Were shut down momentarily,
But weve grown up so much since then.
Life has changed so much since then.
As time passes we grow, we change.
New ideas flow from our pasts
And replace what weve always held to be real,
But of one thing i am so certain.
That i will never forget.
I will never forget
What society lost that morning and the days to follow.
We, as a whole, must
Never ever dare to forget..

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