AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)

'In Reply To: Your Message To Me'

This is the day of relief
For there’s not a thief
Not to be seen on sight
Maybe because of fright
Or for there’s nothing else to take
They had a lot in stake
Taking all of my belongings from me
When there was no one to see
That they’re the ones to blame
For putting everything in flames
Hurting me while I was weak
Making me fall to my knees
Threatening my life
For my neck would be cut by a knife
Screaming at the top of my lungs
Just trying to run
No one can hear my voice
Through all the noise
They let me be unnoticed
For they were not focused
On what was really important
Like the worker ant
Building for colony
So it can be safe from falling
Falling apart with someone inside
Because they were denied
The same rights as others who are among them
Ones who began to betray them
Trying to portray the image of acceptance
Taking away your dance
Your mind, body, and soul working as one
When there was no harm done
Having that special feeling
Wanting it to be revealing
Moving you feet to the sound of silence
To create a such balance
Where your mind creates the beat
This soon is beat
By the sound of an instrument playing
Listening to the people singing
As your mind isn’t adjusted anymore
But has been taken on a tour
Seeing so many amazing things in sight
Wishing with all your might
That one day you can be as big as things you see
With everyone falling to your feet
As you pull them towards success
For they have to learn the rest
The visual effects is left up to their imagination
For their fascination
To see life as an journey
For there will be many
Obstacles that will try to make them fail
Pushing them off the rail
Leaving scars to take care of
As the doctors take care of
Your personal needs
While you watch yourself bleed
Trying to remember you forgot something
That special something
You have went off without me
Now you can’t see
The pain that I’m going through
So much without you
Has to be done
Now that you are gone
My fate has changed
I’m in the thief’s range
And HE is not thinking of my values
Only HIS values
For HE has to live HIS own life
And this time HE’S stealing my life
No regards to what I’ve done in my life time
I want so bad to press rewind
But things seem to still be going forward
As I hear a knock on my door
Afraid to open it
Of what I might find outside of it
Screaming... Silence takes the room... I
I can’t believe my eyes
A blow to the head
Leading me to one image in my head
With blood dripping from HIS hands
While HE stands over me MY FRIEND
In reply to: Your message to me
Yours truly, ME

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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