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In Search
CV Corina Vitale (Aug.1,1988 / )

In Search

Night falls and I stumble into the nightmarish world of my hidden mind
All I see are shadows slithering from corner to corner
Leaving an unearthly chill in my bones
I lift myself up off the damp floor taking a cautious step
Waiting to see what happens
I am unarmed
Not even the comfort of clothing to hide my vulnerability
I am cold and lost in the dark swirling mist
All I can do is move forward.
A shower of hurtful remarks falls
Pounding down into my already fragile heart
I crawl forward trying to escape the well aimed arrows
Bloody and bruised I seek for some form of comfort
I find the open arms of a young male waiting to take me in
Have I found hope in this land?
The last thought that runs through my head before…
I am flung over a cliff into a black abyss
My spirit is shattered.
Now I must search this land
Haunted by so many bad memories
For all the pieces of my
Battered heart

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