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In Search...
TS Trevor Schulte (7/28/87 / California)

In Search...

There's a feeling of isolation
deep inside my soul
Longing to be joined so its heart
can beat out of control
The love that keeps it alive
lives only inside
and thrives
on bursting free
and finding my guide
I want it to break free
and get out
Changing into absolute belief
from complete doubt
Give me the faith
that can move my heart
Giving me that urge to be
different and set apart
All I know is that I'm lost
and don't have a cause
Always searching to be the one
who gets all the applause
Show me what it is
that I really need
And touch my eyes
so the blind will finally see
Whoever you are
whatever you represent
Show me who I am
and the reason which I was sent
All I seem to find in life
are the material facades
But what I truly need
is a real God.

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