In Search Of....

Feeling of air passing through my dry larynx
Making me to search for water with the eyes as telescopic lens
Flying for time unknown from a far away place
After I was lost from my group of birds
Finding only deserts all the way long
Throat getting dried slowly as i sang
Saw a place with hunger stricken people
With lesser food to find and each having only a nibble
Desperately trying to find food in turn
Even if you help, they have nothing to return
Slowly my song is drying along with my air pipe
And feathers wearied out with only tears to wipe
Praying to God I know, to take my life away
After letting me to quench my thirst, I say
Only with my two eyes as pathfinders and no one else to care,
Leaving my pathfinders half open, flying to a place to dare
Hot wind blowing in the opposite way, with sun over my head,
Caring less about my body, flying to find a water bed
Reached a place with full of trees, but no wells or lakes to find
Trying to relax for sometime, sat under a shady bower, with gentle wind
At a distance from here, I saw a pond with full of water
With extreme happiness, flied panting towards and drank faster

Lo! Lo! Lo! Water is found
Lo! Lo! Lo! with joyous sound
I sing a song with all my might
Life is pleasure and full of delight
Lo! Lo! Lo! Don't worry even if sadness mounts
Lo! Lo! Lo! Life is a mixture and every moment counts

by AnilKumar Sharma

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in search of perfect indeed..thats very idealistic..nice work