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In Search Of.....

An outcome of my staying far from family and home...really its bitter yet better way to know the world.

I dared once, but could not face.
Threats of time and its never ending race.
I fear to recall the hour, when home, I left.
Tears incesssant, heart heavy, soul as if cleft.
I couldn't face the world so returned with a timid heart
As the seclusion was tormenting, so better I threw it apart.
I was back with family and their presence was like a boon
But happy and singing times passed away so soon.
For revising themselves again, eager were pages of history
Challenges, strains, conflicts and strifes, ready to prove victory.
Once again I walked out to resolve what life is all about.
Casting away all glittering gloom, keeping aside the unnamed doubt.
Fresh is the memory that dwells in my mind
Journey to realize the self, leaving shadows behind.
Those thick winter mornings are still vivid in my thought
In those sharp afternoons, care and comfort I sought.
Absurd seclusion was pervaded, in spite of being with all
How food remained untouched and apetite lost....very well I recall.
Tough, tougher and toughest....appeared to me all days
Nights wiser and friendlier....my peers were those starry rays.
'Evening' they say is the time 'to rest and repose'
But setting Sun brought my way, challenges that I chose.
I have lived a long lone time to realise and restore a lot
Contentment and continuity is all that I am tought.
Just wanna say to those who make my life with utmost care
Living without them for long....is something I can never dare.

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