NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

In Search Of A Poem

I searched for a poem
in the joys of innocent childhood
In the careless abandon of my
shy nervous days of youth

I searched for poem
in the shurt burst of agonies
and the meaningless periods of
Joys that were just ironies

In the recollections of hate that
shred my heart apart
In the union of minds that led
us astray into some hearts

Of anxiety ridden by partisans tearing
apart my beautiful country
Of courage, of those who sacrificed their
lives to uplift the dejected poverty

In the nature whose richness
Bountiful that needs souls to care
In the lit lamps of temple courtyards
Of joy and divine blessings that we share

Images that connected in strange ways
Abstract notions and the meaning it conveys
Words in richness decked in finery
A poets search never ends in dismay

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