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In Search Of England
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In Search Of England

Poem By Peter Jones

I went in search of England
and found it there, in some slight lane
where, dressed in light,
cobwebs hung from silences:
a lost remembrance, found again.

And rooks pursued their shadow-world
Behind a sleeping wall
That crinolines the manse in solitude,
Where sundials speak upon a time
That never seems to change at all.

But still the milestone crouches low
Against the stile: against the day
When I had left and travelled far
(was it all so long ago?)
but now returned. It seems to me
I never truly went away.

Suddenly... a shock of sunlight
Transfixed me to this everland.
And all the day rang peals around
to celebrate:
My long forgotten England,
My long forgotten Samarkand.

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