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In Search Of My Achilles Heel
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

In Search Of My Achilles Heel

Poem By rajagopal haran

Bizarre situations in the insecure world
Making the alive, dead and buried
Paralyzed in parts lynching in stages
Pronounce the need for protection forever!

Closing the eyes meditate on Thetis
Dipping me in Styx head inside out
Feel the chill running through the spine
Immortal I am! Nothing can destroy!

Dire prophesy of imminent death
Start my introspection in search of flaws
Heel also dipped enough
Sure of Riddance! Invincible I have become!

Routine life of rotten mix-ups
Rigors and grades of inflicting wounds
revisit my immune system
rendered die-hard by Styx and Thetis!

Invulnerable inch-by-inch including heels
What is wrong that makes me a failure
Recall Thetis holding me over the fire
to ascertain physical immortality!

Is it capital vices or cardinal sins?
Lust? Yes desire for the one
Make me a mummy embalmed throughout
with fornications and perversions!

Gluttony and greed the twins together
Are found in the other corner
Scavenging and hoarding
by betrayal and treachery!

Feeling of discontent and sloth
Throw their hat to register presence
making me wrathful brimming revenge
spilling spite and hatred!

Vanity and arrogance end products in all
Make my pride crowning the six
Trigger the tally of immortal transaction
With never ending list and impossible cure!

Peleus could run away the scene in vision
was scared and fled fear gripping the spirit?
Was it the omission of the Achilles heel?
Not single but many- left high and dry?

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Comments (2)

wow...what is it like being dipped in...the river Styx...just kidding...this is a nice rendition...of the Achilles story...is this a personal application...or just a re-telling...either way...i like it...your use of certain...punctuation...really works...good job...how is that...
A poem of immeasurable sadness. I can hear your innter cry. Strength for the journey. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra