In Search Of Peace

Poem By Khurshid Alam

I’m in search of a home
Where lights twinkle
And burn the house warm
People share their haves.
And hug each other in love.
They have no complaints in heart.

Gods are sleeping
Houses are burning
Each home claims there prevails
Peace at its door.
Claims turn to arguments
To disagreements
To wars.

Argument cannot house peace
Religion can teach you peace but
Which one to choose from a dozen?
Each claims it preaches peace
Yes, it does it claims
Claims turn to arguments
To disagreements, to wars!
How a fight for peace
Can bring peace?

Religion has taught us a lot
Should it teach us to narrow arguments
To tolerate disagreements
To co-exist with other claims?
Should it be a path of soul searching
Embodying peace, loving humans?
Should it bring people together
Make them love and turn
Arguments to find an answer?
Will then I embrace Religion.

Note: Published in Muse India, May-Jun 2009.

Comments about In Search Of Peace

yes all what we seek is the warmth of athe house of this universe..and religion teach us the peace ad love..peace be upon you like that we greet, .deep and meaningful thoughts..well done

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