(06091994 / Finland)

In Sickness And In Health?

On the left

Perfect petite legs, long blond shiny hair.
Wind blows through the flower dress she wears.
Exercise mat, and calories listed.
No tears no scars, happiness and joyness.
Graceful, beautiful, and thin.

On the right.

Big gulpy legs, black messy hair.
Black shirt, broken down to layers.
Vomit spewing out of her mouth, food stash hidden.
Scars shining through, tears fallinglike a river.
Fearsome, what she thinks is ugly, and sees as 'fat'.

In the middle.
Bones cutting through, hair falling off.
Clothes like bags, hiding her thoughts.
Scars hidden, tears burried.
Sickly, weak lost and alone.

On the left what she dreams of being, wants to be and is
dying for.
On the right her worst nightmare, comfort for being, her war
In the middle, the real her the true her.
Fading away, to reach what long before left.

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