In Silence

In silence we sit,
letting our hearts speak
the ancient language
even the holy writ could but not read
the secret engravings in thy palms.
At thy back are written scripts
only my fingers could read aloud;
you'll hear in thy heart sweet echoes
only my face could make as it tenderly glows
in each prose thy hands make.

In silence we lay
in the graveyard of love,
turning our flesh to dust,
my hair to brush the memories
never to hush forgotten ghosts of our past;
In my body are written poems
only thy eyes could read aloud
and join the chorus of the sacred sound
of my heart's sigh as we lie
silently in the night.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Comments (1)

for a poem imagery is an ornament as your poem shows. such a nice poem! you may like to read my poem Night As One Like.