When Good People Become Friends

When Good People Become Friends
Things work better.
Things work together
Things work out.

When Good People Become Friends
Listening become hearing
seeing become insight
Attention becomes nurture.

When Good People Become Friends
Generosity becomes sharing
Sacrifices become pleasures
Rightful obedience becomes an uncommon delight.

When Good People Become Friends
Joys become happiness
Comfort becomes peace
Needs become an abundance.

When Good people Become Friends
Acquaintances become friendships
Concern becomes caring
Likenesses become divine love.

When Good People Become Friends
Traveling becomes a journey
Endeavors come into fruition
Living becomes Life.

When Good People Become Friends
Gifts become blessings
Blessings become anointings
Anointings become endowments.

When Good People Become Friends
Love becomes power
Weaknesses become strength
And death, Death becomes a new birth.

When Good People Become Friends.

by Cecelia Weir

Comments (5)

I love the way this flows - when heard in a man's voice, it makes me think of a soldier going off to war, and that makes me think of my Uncle. This poem has such a strong voice, trying not to falter, but still feeling a bit lost. This is a wonderful poem. -L.C.
I really enjoyed the rhythm of this poem.
I used to liken it to keeping ones eyes firmly fixed on the grey paving stones, excellent poem. L
Hello Allan, Thank you for your kind comments. I am, however, a male! KAV
Kelly i dont read many poetry book's, i think you are a young lady who loves her poetry, that can be a good thing, i hope you dont take me as one of my charactor's in my poem's, i am a man who loves to laugh, also to make other people laugh, i love to make them feel what i am feeling when i write i want them to be there with me, when i write some of my work is true I dont tell the people which is true, you love to be happy regard's AJS