In Spirit & In Truth (3)

Some rave and shout you stamp your feet
So those around you see
This doesn’t make you God’s elite
Nor have my guarantee

See not the loud, as always true
The quiet one’s as dumb
Quite oft the noise that’s close to you
Is from an empty drum

But when within all self has died
When man receives my Dove
True praise will come from deep inside
From hearts inflamed with love

The Spirit grows where self is thin
Where pride’s on bended knees
Where Jesus’ Flame consumes your sin
It’s then you’ll truly please

I am the Lord I’m El Shaddai
I’m holy through and through
Before you join my Son on high
You must be holy too

Righteous has my child to be
These I’ll truly bless
If not my face you’ll never see
Your God won’t stand for less

In spirit, must your praises rise
In truth must all be said
Then I will hear your humble cries
And raise you from the dead

But if my Son’s not in your heart
Then someone else is there
Of life my child you’ll have no part
For hell will be your share”

by Michael P. Johnson

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