In Spite Of

Situations, big or basic ones, the dissipation...
Mortal life, different pages, portals, strikes
The spirit fortified, the limitations finished
Wielded swords of Light, consistent, so sufficient
Tsk, to pick me since I win, sent to diss me, but I' m ' pinch me'
All my wishing, all has been, brought to plenty
Y'all against me 'cause the wicked lost within, the cost is big
The fall is frigid, chilling nights, I'm still that nice thing
Demons want to seem just like me, still a pipe dream, I'm lightning (Thunder)
I dived in forest natures, some abhorring strangers, wishing they could hinder me
While they take my mode, they fake, I did without a million
Pounds of ribbons, live on grounds of spirit
Scripting dark purple, different sense of meaning to me, large circles ain't my thing
Ain't same, see, I'm a hard worker, using what I had to make a difference
With my heart
But you embarked along a mission, strong ambitions, wicked sparks, that's really marks in YHWH's sight
He ain't
Lifted, serpents bit me first, 'cause envy birthed within them, hurts again, I worked for this though
Mimic then, no matter what, you'll never live in this soul, I dish blows, with tempos, until sin gone
And, certainly, yea, I think they thought it something...
Everybody struggles, see, it rain on right and wicked...
I never stopped the hustle when the snakes would bite my vision
I set the rocks that crumble as a way to heighten trenches
So my depth still undiscovered though the hate would try to steal it...
I'm determined, nothing slowing me down
Desensitized and stuff, racket all you want, your muzzles, are getting grind to dust...
And I don't mumble, I couple love with the mind, of God, I trust in, some malicious stuff, I wondered, if decisions rushed...
I'm still in front of the ruckus, I keep that seed behind me, dreams and things, my wings, no schemes define me
Jesus leads and guides me...
When it started, I ain't know, I ain't grow in that
Ain't nothing wrong with that though
Still the beast, grinning teeth, I rip and teach, things, so each never see
Remembered on the playground, getting trapped in the spiral, going up the slide the wrong way, no malice conspired
Ain't to have think, even then, God was with me, I ain't even see it, Satan's demons hid until my dreams were big
And things begin...
I'm the one, they ain't the one, ay, I ain't the one...
Leave a rollie on the shelf and take the bracelet, son (wooden)
Be controlling of myself, can't give the satan none
Sin is never fun, and unconvention never done...
Forever won the race I face, my place is stable, at the finish line, already, been in mind, ascend with time
Consistent climb, like smoke, Light has been advised already, I ain't switching sides, saying forget your lies
Devils fail to reach me, clever, hell receives the legions though, sails, conceit, free of reason, meaning
Seeing needless lows, but leading so...
That measured faith, proceeded on, in demon growth, I give what's given, plus restriction from the Lord, to love the picking persecutors
Most what's similar was stolen by imperfect rulers
Never count me as a downing being, endowed a king, surrounding trees repeat excitement, when I come around with Thee
Abounding evils think it's lightning or some normal sound (he he)
They lack discernment... I merge with earth
But, not society, it's lies to me, the highest is with me, I don't hide a thing, behind the wing
Some find it un-Christian to be aligned with Him
The heavens etched that fire within, a lighter weight
I write, my dreams were deemed a culture, shouldered more than I thought, and I don't vaunt, I just know the road
The portions I loss, in the immortal, I wrought
Ain't slick, can't twist, I get my fruit, and pit it in the basket, it had lasted, in satanic tactics
Still it managed
Sick of antagonism, trying to catch me handling strife, and channeling spite, my Light just the good, I demonstrate the great
The minions fade away with haste, contentious, can't relate
I'm goofy and I'm loyal and discerning
Guess it's they mistake, I can't
Words can grace or damage, to the atmosphere, and call a doom, things began to happen
Evil manages, the cause is you...
Because you drew that type of standard to dissolve the truth
When the physic map has been established by that
All the proof...
Implement the engine lifts where you saw me move (sensitize)
Then stricken it to other places then so I'm called a fluke
But even though you dipping slick, the wicked end will fall on you...
All who thinking ill will never know me, healing thoughts, the veil is off for me
The Lord, I see, because the Cross...
It ain't the first time I earned time, I fall at will, in love, Weh' is capable
They care or not? Declare the hot, I'm doing me for me, forgetting them, the dead
Everything that's going to hell is biased towards me, so I know not to take opinions serious
Hear the whispers, no I can't, I'm still the winter, and the winner, watch me or not
I move the ground, a soothing sound, and it'd continues 'til what's right is done, idols, I can't find me one, and libel
Wretched titles, methods, Bible is my occupation, stop the wasting, I'm the one who careth not, I'm here FOREVER
Living through the nuisance, who used this, I don't even feel them, heal them
Father, for they knowing not what they do, but that won't take away the fact of flames, some rocks in some stew, the strength
I got it from you...
And everyday I'm getting better with it
Unrelated evils single me because was jealous, really...
Just the lowest of the low, abuse of physic riches
Instilling sickness, wicked missions, got me spirit treasure
Ended measures, just beginning, lie with satan

Forget what you think

I shine in spite of, like love, the white dove
Consoles me

by Dexsta Ray

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