You Sexy Woman

You wear your sexy outfits
All I have to do is ask
You make me believe
That it's no big task

I do appreciate it
More than I can ever say
Because when you dress so sexy
Oh how it makes my day

Whether in a body stocking
Or stockings and garter belt
It matters not what you wear
I feel things I never felt

And when you wear nothing
You're just as sexy to me
Because no matter what
Sexy you'll always be

The outfits that you wear
Please me deep inside
Never will my love for you
Ever want to hide

I love you so much honey
No matter where you are
In this life I found you
To be my shining star


by Ray Hansell

Comments (4)

Everything but the girl is in bloom at spring time, specially when the rain pours, unexcited and filled with lulling sound she yawns...
A pretty girl is yawning to give signal that she is ready to enjoy the sleep. This pretty girl may be yawning to show the rain that by the time the land is dry, she will wet herself.
haiku isolates a particular group of phenomena from all the rest.. and its peculiar quality is its self-effacing, self-annihilative nature, by which it enables us to grasp the thing-in-itself.. The pretty girl (she could have been not pretty at all - but the fact is that she is so) can't go out and enjoy her staying with friends, because of the rain.. A boring time for her.. we can imagine her looking out of the window, hoping the rain will stop soon..
makes you wonder- -why is it a pretty girl who is yawning in the rain? would a plain girl not yawn? hmmmm, this requires some thought