In Springtime

My garden blazes brightly with the rose-bush and the peach,
And the koil sings above it, in the siris by the well,
From the creeper-covered trellis comes the squirrel's chattering speech,
And the blue jay screams and flutters where the cheery sat-bhai dwell.

by Rudyard Kipling Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

And the hawk nests on the cliffside and the jackdaw in the hill, And my heart is back in England 'mid the sights and sounds of Home. Beautiful poem.
ohhh good one....nice
Good to see that the poet used some Indian English terms, like koil, siris, in this poem..
Koil note is has captivated all and the poet.He forgot England, his birth place and listened to koil sings on siris tree at the well.sheer brilliance.
A beautiful read from a master of verse.
I really get the message of this passage & I love it. Just because it is springtime here and now, the yearnings of the heart are not without lament.