In That Cape Town Days (English Sonnet)

(for Annelize)

In that southeaster Cape Town hot summer sunny days
the city was Mediterranean as its weather sky and sea
and all of life seemed simple and lovely in many ways
although windswept and crowded it had tranquillity.

All of Table Mountain was covered by a white cloud,
but on Africa's edge on the Atlantic it was magnificent
where in that great wind many people did walkabout,
with its many wonders that summer was munificent

while I did love you dearly and you did really love me
and memories do come back about our time together
about the sun in your eyes, how you did smile openly
and it was very ideal in how a person wants life to be,

where now while you are far away I do love you still
and probably to the very end of life and forever I will.

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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