In That Moment

We sit in the yard
And paint strange art on our jeans

Let our soft skin soak up the rays of sunshine
The pink flowers blow off the tree

And get caught in our hair
Quietly listening to the music we are reminded

Of those hot summer afternoons
Of cookouts and swimming

Of lightning bugs and canoe wars
Of fireworks and tents

Of campfires and mikes hard lemonade
Glad to be enjoying life the way we are

And living It to the fullest
Stand up and twirl around the yard

Let the spring breeze blow our flyaways
Into our eyes and the sun

Blind us
Stick a flower behind my ear

And let it show others how I love
Free and different

Different ways, different things
How I let them fill me up

And overflow my walls
A butterfly flies up and lands on my nose

And caught in that moment
I am happy

by Brooke Hippie

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