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In That Moment
CB (11-4-93 / )

In That Moment

Poem By Courtney Beaudry

A kiss so small
I barely felt it at first
As he touched my cheek
And then it dispersed

I looked upon him
My eyes open wide
And I wondered if he saw
All the feelings inside

And I grabbed him
And I pulled him very close
And it felt good
Like medicine, in one quick tiny dose

I held him
And I wondered if we should...
Do the one thing
I knew we could
But the question was

He smiled at me
And I smiled back
And I listened to my brain
Inside rack

And in that one last moment
I leaned in fast
Touched his lips
And hoped it would last

My eyes were closed
And I was plastered to the spot
As our lips moved back and forth
I knew this is what I had sought

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