(03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

In That Which Words Say (Free Verse Sonnet)

(for Annelize)

In that which words say in language and meaning
I did want to uncover my whole world for you,
wanted to tell you how my love really is
but for comprehension and mere words it's too great,
greater than the sun that hangs in the heaven,
more deep than the sky's bright blue hue
and like a vista between us is the great longing
that day after day does come with decades of memories
and love is like an inexplicable thing
that in its depths does fill a person with pain and happiness
of which the heart does overflow and sing,
which I cannot express in mere words
but I know that you do make a difference to my life,
that I want to protect with my life that which are between us.
© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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