(31st, December,1970 / Khulna, Bangladesh)

In The Afternoon Not Be

Songs, Stories, Poems
Hear, Speak, Read
In the tune of Tide and Ebb
It does not, not be in the afternoon

Bud, Flower, Wreath
Blooms, Drops, Ballads, you do not come
Can not get concentration at work
Within the mystic dark

Wind, Clouds, Rain
Come, go, falls
Passing with the murmur
In the afternoon not be yet

Light, Dark, Shadows
Moving with random thoughts
Count distant Stars
In the afternoon not be

Forms, Liquor, Nature
Ardor of fascinating Soul
Even while the illusions burst
Seeming more thirst of Summer

Without you not be in the afternoon
Do not think that river flows with chime
At the end of the night, the dawn does not come
Birds do not call

In the afternoon not be,
Not be

by Musfiq us shaleheen

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