In The Air

To the outside person looking in they had the story book romance that you would dream of

Not even the gates of Haiti’s opening up could sever the bound of this type of love

But if you took at look closer you would see that things are truly not as they always seem

We’ll see how you feel once the closet is open and the fairy tale becomes a nightmare, no longer a dream

Yes he keeps her looking fly and he puts of the front like he is so nice

Behind closed doors he turns into a different person, the missteps of him as a man his wife has to pay the price

The abuse runs deep: verbal, mental, emotional, and financial with the Cud Agra physical

Then she sometimes finds herself day dreaming of leaving him and moving to a different locale

But there are always two sides to the coin and she is far from a saint

Having a sit down with her, telling you about all the things she’s done would even make a prostitute faint

Don’t think I’m making excuses for him abusing her because I ain’t but it takes more than one leak for a ship to sank

She thought she would pay him back for what he had done to her so it would be even trade

Playing games not only with her life but the life of others like she was in an arcade

Yes he had bruised her in more ways than one but how would he feel when he found out that she had gave him aids?


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