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In The Air. For Daniel Brick

Under Flower Waltz of Tchaikovsky
and then tender Ave Maria
In the air we raise up, whirling,
joining hands and weightless together.

It is the blue twilight around,
It is silence, freshness and calmness.
We forgot how to step on the ground,
all may happen in sleep of wonders.

Под Чайковского 'Вальс Цветов' и
звуки нежной Аве Марии -
невесомо поднялись в воздух,
взявшись за руки, закружились.

Вокруг нас полумрак синий,
тишина, и покой, и свежесть.
Как ходить по земле мы забыли.
все возможно во сне чудесном.

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Oh, Liza, what a wonderful poem, radiating sweetness as well as joy. And the weightlessness we experience in the poem is what I love in dance and now I am doing it, and you too, and we two. It is a perfect vision of togetherness, without a shadow anywhere. And the second stanza expands on the wonders released by the poetry. WE FORGET HOW TO STEP ON THE GROUND: Oh, happy memory loss if it makes floating free of gravity as ordinary as breathing. ALL MAY HAPPEN IN SLEEP OF WONDERS: This H-A-S happened to us throught what Keats called THE VIEWLESS WINGS OF POETRY (VIEWLESS means invisible.)