In The Awe Of The Universe

every message needs
both a clarifying theme
and, an exemplifying diatribe
must describe either infinite beauty
that may be seen, and or, that horrid reality
however insanely explained …
In separation, as an illusion, and labelled as destiny
chasing and seeing the divine in your being
such energies flowing into your moments
building a self-worth in that instant
which beckons your truth…
All shames removed, you become
a force, charged with a capacity to see
worth in the essence, of all other lifeforms
that vessel drawn from the awe of time, one
existence bound, in the ideal of awareness, free
to one day soon, become the universal seeker, the
ultimate teacher; that shadow, willing sharing in life's
lessons, as that spiraling arrow, from beyond the depths
of all space and all time…
These equations so cast, held in vivid circumstance
and in the images of feeding living's divinity
cease, as irony bleeds this from that one
for the world will not understand
but, in an all-encompassing
questioning sees your
worth as having
an eternal
one that
branches out
and gains sense of
all that is inside, everyone
what is in and of you that creates
this ability; to be used most certainly
in form and number of designed desires
of that normal taste for holding power
for the future is feared by those who
pull back time in mind and space
to sate a different master…
You ask the question
can something be
considered so great
and not hold the key
to one becoming that
perfect, infinite being?
My most simple answer
all such things have this potential
in the Awe of the Universe

by Michael Walkerjohn

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Comments (5)

Energies flowing into your moments! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Aloha Frank... My Good Sir, my friend, my fellow bard... You have expressed the maxium... and I humbly thank you... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two
A great too work, Michael.Do propose me some of your poems to translate into ellenic [greek].
I'm looking up which of your poems could I translate into greek, work I have already done for a lot of other poets.
Clarifying theme very wonderful structure is constructed for this poem. Very thought provoking poem definitely. Discovering self in awe of universe is interesting and amazing.10