C (October 1991 / New York)

In The Backseat Of His Car

In the backseat of his car
He held her hand and held her heart
She looked at him, and knew that look
He kissed her neck, and her whole body shook
He said I Love You and she had no doubt
The way she felt made her want to shout
A few dozen kisses, her skin felt so soft,
Hands all over, their clothes coming off
In the back of her mind, she knew she should feel bad
If her parents knew what she was doing they'd be so mad
But that's just the thing about being young and in love,
It wasn't bad, and it wasn't a sin,
Just an innocent act between two young kids
He wasn't a player, she wasn't a slut,
They knew they'd love each other no matter what
They looked out at a sea of stars
As they lay there in the back seat of his car.

~Up until now all the poems I've written have been about actual experiences and feelings in my life, but I just wanted to say that this one is NOT, I just realized that if I can write a good poem, it doesn't necesarily have to be about my life, it can just be fictional, so let me know what you think, Thankx~

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I like it very much because it's what happens so often when young people are in love. My generation was so different from today but even then it was an every day occurance. You can write whatever comes to your mind, doesn't have to be from your own experience in fact it's lots of fun writing from many perspectives. Keep writing and sharing with us. A '10' from where I sit! Best Wishes, Marilyn