DW (January 8th,1966 / )

In The Band

Stands in the shadows
silent to the rest of the world

Memories come full circle in his thoughts
the places, faces, the names
Every road traveled
to get to this point in life

Wonders if he can still rock them all
knowing that he is so much older
than even moments ago
But god knows
he has missed it
Somethings just stay the same
and god knows
they never seem to change

Yesterday is echoing out
screaming like distant voices in his head
And this beat up ol' six string
has truly seen better days
Now each time they announce his name
it somehow gets harder
to step back on that stage

When he begins to play
how the crowd cheers
It's like that until the end
as he sneaks out of the parking lot
And the show plays over again in his thoughts
as he lays there in that motel bed
Thanks the man above
for all he still has

His son
half way across the world
that still calls him every other night
And he knows
that all roads in life
come full circle for those who wait
But sometimes it can be lonely
in the band

Stands in the shadows
silent to the rest of the world...

by Daniel Wittfoth

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