AK (1/29/55 / Olney Illinois U.S.A.)

In The Begining Our Lord Was Alone

In the beginning our Father was alone wanting company.
So to Himself said, 'I'll just create friends to suit my fancy.'
They will all be Holy angels having freedom of choice.
These Holy angels will be perfect in beauty having a voice.
All these angelic beings will have wings to fly away.
But I will set boundaries and limits where they are to stay.
They will also have eyes to see where to stop.
With ears to hear praises from the top.
By now the angels were given the sense of touch.
To the hierarchy in Heaven, was loved very much.
This sense of touch could be the feel of a wheel.
Boy what a deal.
And among other things could be pleasure,
With God's measure.
This pleasure with God's measure,
was their treasure.
All these spirits were given a mind.
To especially be kind.
Possessing abilities to voice their choice.
Think at a blink, even wink, not blind.
Hearing with ears even from behind.
The rank of the Cherubim was made of winged little girls and boys.
These Cherubs walked and talked with God who gave them toys.
The boys played with balls.
The girls played with dolls.
These Cherubs were happy, being content with all.
God was pleased with what He saw.
God gave all angels senses of smell and taste.
Instructing them they could lick in haste.
But never to taste paste or waste.
God gave angels given knowledge.
This sixth sense not taught in college.

The wisdom acquired,
Will be required.
If so desired.
So stay chaste.
For the chase.
Being eternally chased.
At this time there was no sin, which is vice.
Everything in Heavens chorus was joyous and nice.
Our Father is Perfect So He didn't have to think twice.
He made no mistakes that could not be corrected.
When creating He got exactly what He expected.
Through His Perfection is why God is always respected.

Every thing God created,
Never became outdated.
He could raise His finger,
To invent some timber.
Or blink an eye,
Creating the sky.
That Perfect magic Man could make something,
Simply out of nothing.

God created no two things exactly the same.
A female angel by nickname,
Was called a dame.
God could create showers,
For all the flowers.
What was left of the rain,
Ran down the drain.
After these showers.
The man took to the dame.
As a gift, these flowers.
For the main spirit game,
Was to win the dame.
Then your spirit life and her name.
Would never be the same.

by Arthur Knackmus

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This poem is so beautiful, just great work. I love it. Thanks for sharing. God bless you! With warmest wishes, Larisa R
wow this is a really good poem. i myself do not believe in god anymore but i can feel your passion towards it all. great work 10/10 :)
A beautiful poem stating the unparalleled power of GOD in creating something from nothing, unlike the 'weak' human beings...
wowwww nice poem a new twist to the book of Genesis lovely to read
Shows such meaning and explains life and a good way of expressing the way u feel about the lord
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