In The Beginning

Once long ago, when the world was quite new
And Eden had just been created.
God looked all around to admire his work,
And by all that he saw, was elated.
He thought for a while, then said with a smile;
All this beauty is worth someone seeing.
So he picked up some earth, which shortly gave birth
To Adam; the first human being.

As the aeons sped past,
Adam, at last, felt lonely midst all of this beauty.
So God came to his home
And took out a bone, and fashioned Eve;
And she was a cutie.
Adam looked on in awe at the thing that he saw,
And wondered, just what he was seeing.

Now you learn about sin, said God with a grin,
And you'll use that for more than just peeing.
Then the snake slithered down from the branches above,
And whispered of the madness;
The madness called love.

Then he gave them the apple,
Which once it was bitten,
Meant forever and always they where eternally smitten.
The only sense that this story makes.
Is stay away from those bloody snakes.

by Brian Joseph Dickenson

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