In The Beginning To The End

The church that I love, has come from above;
There in the pre-existence, the plan came to light.
There I began my persistence, to choose unhappiness or bliss.
There I choose to fight, for what I knew was right;
And that was the plan, the plan of salvation,
To bring exaltation to men and women alike, if they'd join in the fight.
And battle for the right; the plan was the beginning of mankind;
On a long, long road, with many a heavy load,
And sorrows untold, where the word of God may also unfold;
To bring mankind happiness and light, if they but do what is right.
By following the straight and narrow, which leads to glorious tommorows.
When they find that their goodness may lead them to exaltation one day.
But those whose road was crooked and wide,
With Satan walking by their side;
Will find that they'll pay the price of sin at judgement day:
When God will tell them that they fell.
On Satan's road which leads to hell.
They then will wish to mend their ways,
But, it's too late and there they'll stay.
For God is not mocked, for as we sow, so shall we reap,
He'll have all know.
So isn't now the time to change, before it's too late at judgement day?

by Diana Godbout

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