In The Belly Of A Flying Bird

Whether I stand longer on earth
Than sit in the tummies of birds
I might not guess as you proffer
Only scrutinise me on a trip
I walk across to touch the untouched
I fly over to see the unseen
I slept and woke and ate and watched
In the little space allotted me
In the belly of a flying bird
The whole of humankind was there
Marking the ascents or descents
Through the vapours above the earth
To puff up their impromptu plea
Befriending the abode of God
Until I was expelled from there
The belly of that iron bird
And deposited onto earth
Far from the dwelling heights of God
Far from the fostered fear of God
Close to the mango tree I know
Close to the river where I swim
Greeted by friends on the ground
Who never yet asked how is God

by Moses Kainwo

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