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In The Both Side Of The River (In English)
RAC (9th Nov 1969 / Nepal)

In The Both Side Of The River (In English)

Poem By R. A. Chaudhary

In the both side of the river,
There were waiting hooks of fisher,

I was obliged to be alive,
Up to yesterday, the time I have.

I was enjoying the depth of river,
Swimming in the mid, forever.

Not known to me, wave comes there,
Then, it took me to hook, nearer,

Forcefully I was put elsewhere,
Left, twisting body by side of river.

Joy of yesterday, gone fly,
Only water was there in my eye.

Tragedy cut split my heart,
The soul flown on the sky,

Even then, I excused you,
Return my all joy in my eye.

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