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In The Cameron Street Cemetery

In the Cameron Street cemetery where the bones of the coalminers lay
The flowers on their graves they are blooming today
So many of them were the sons of Italy
That beautiful Land by the northern sea.

Their young wives they brought with them to Wonthaggi Town
And in their new surroundings they slowly settled down
They danced their own dances and their own songs they sung
And they conversed with each other in their native tongue.

They worked in the coalmine and they earned their pay
In what one can describe as a very hard way
In their friendships and families they always took pride
And of them their worth as good people cannot be denied.

For to work in the coalmine their backs must have been strong
The men who inspired many a story and song
To be read and sung about them and though they are long gone
The history of their lives is bound to live on.

In the Cameron Street cemetery their bones rest forever more
So many miles south of their distant Homeland shore
In the life of Wonthaggi the children and Grandchildren play a leading role
Of the hard working migrants who once tunnelled for coal.

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