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In The Cemetery Of St Mary's

Many hearts that beat with kindness forever are still
Under the earth in view of Cashman's Hill
Some of them died youg and some lived to die old
And like many their life stories in book form will never be told

In the Cemetery of St Mary's from here far away
Many of the deceased of Millstreet Town and Parish lay
And only the memories with me now remain
Of people i knew and will not meet again

Some of them the mentors of my younger years
By friends and families farewelled in tears
Though in my memory they are living yet
Them i remember and could not forget

In life they never craved wealth and renown
And in their last resting spot by Millstreet Town
At peace with the World forever they lay
Left to the living for their souls for to pray

Some times in the Duhallow Town of Millstreet
When out walking them i happen to meet
We talk of the changes and of how time goes so fast
Until i awake from a dream of the past

In death from life seldom a painless release
In St Mary's Cemetery near Millstreet Town they are at peace
The hearts that in life beat with kindness are forever still
Under the earth in view of Cashman's Hill.

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