Keep The Solemn Promise

The solemn promise to keep
Is made by the groom and bride;
Let love live in their hearts,
Instead of hate and pride.

They are no longer two
But one in the Almighty,
Going not separate ways,
They remain in unity.

For better or worse,
They gladly live together;
No matter what may come,
They care for one another.

Trials will surely come
To test the sacred union;
Undaunted despite the threat,
The couple will tread on the horizon.

They won't break the vow,
Hoping for the glorious bliss;
Till the very last breath,
They keep the solemn promise.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (3)

Beautiful poem especially the first three linrs
O, fickle Fortune, O beautiful poem
I like the rhythm. Nice work