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In The Cool Duhallow Spring

The yellow primroses are blooming on the bohreen ditch today
And the nesting birds are singing in the morning cool and gray
And the sparrows on barn rafters build their straggly nests of hay
And the swallows have returned from warm climates far away
To fly above the old fields in search of flying insects their source of food
And on shed rafters build cup shaped mud nests for to raise another brood
I still love Mother Nature loved her since I was a boy
And the beauty that she creates gives us memories to enjoy
The wild growing flowers are blooming birds nest in grove and hedgerow
And the dipper he is singing where the Finnow waters flow
In the old field west of Millstreet Town where I lived for many years
Yet for my fading memories I do not have any tears
And the cattle out from wintering sheds and the red breast robin sing
And pink blossoms on the apple trees in the cool Duhallow Spring.

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