(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In The Danger Zone

Receivers who have seized,
Humanity with corrupted sleaze.
Cloaking their acts to attack democracy.
While attempting to take freedoms back.

In the danger zone,
Are the thieves.
Doing their best to disease humanity.
With calamities started to smother truth.
And despising its existence,
Under more fresh lies to produce.

Sacred no longer are the churches.
Where people go to pray for peace.
Leaders preach more about witch hunts.
To disguise underneath kept misdeeds.
While releasing to unleash,
A hopeful havoc upon urban streets.

In the danger zone and psycotic.
In the danger zone is this picked flock.
Trying to fly high above but stuck,
In a darkness they allowed to start.

Agony to have it will remain.
Agony to have it maintains its pain.
Agony to have to inflict on others to receive,
Leaves those playing this game with no gains.
Only to witness their own blood to bleed.

In the danger zone they weep.
In the danger zone knees deep.
In the danger zone trapped are the thoughtless.
Suffering from their own defeat to keep.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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