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In The Dark
MY (3/11/94 / )

In The Dark

In the dark she has been waiting.
Shes been their while you've been hating.
You see that? All she does is cry.
And all you do is give her an evil eye.
But when your friends leave,
You have an ace up your sleave.
All you have is a trick to play.
And you think thats okay.
But look in her eyes.
She can see all your lies.
But she is still in love with you.
This feeling she gives is all to new.
She only wishess for you to love her.
You say your king. Sure!
Her only dream is to make yours come true.
Just a little nudge to push you throw.
When you see,
She will leap for glee!
But untill then she will remain here.
And when you start to cry she'll dry every last tear.
Then again you leave her out.
But love shines in her and she shall not pout!

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