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In The Dark
WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)

In The Dark

In the dark, in the night;
the sun turns its back at the world and sneaks away,
the sun that plighted with heat & rain, twenty-four hours to stay,
leaving only the little stars to watch over the corpse of the earth,
in this period of darkness glittering bright.

In the dark, in the night,
the mosquitoes lurk in search of a pulsing heart,
the mosquitoes that pledged not to come near a bed or mat;
and man sleeps with an awake mind,
in this period of darkness, of total loss of sight.

In the dark, in the night,
they cast their shadows on action's way,
the words that were glowing in the day,
and minds fight the battle with the swords of tears;
in this period of darkness, of excessive blight.

In the dark, in the night,
bleeding hearts wander in search of a resting place,
but the soil assures them of companionship, of a conducive space,
and your words, i know will withstand the turbulence of tornadoes,
in the day or night, in health or blight, in darkness or sight.

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