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In The Days Of Tanyard Champion

Some memories does last a lifetime and remain as a source of joy
Early on in my life's journey i was a ten years old boy
In the days of Tanyard Champion Ireland's track greyhound of the year in fifty seven this is going way back in time
Back then his owner trainer Pat Cashman from the top of Tullig was beyond his physical prime

In the greyhound tracks of Ireland many miles from Millstreet Town
The fawn son of Champion Prince and Knockeevan Tulip raced his way into renown
Then Ireland's greatest track racing greyhound him and his owner famed far and wide
Many miles beyond the border of Duhallow's countryside

Tanyard Champion was a greyhound who did live up to his name
And brought to himself and his owner in greyhound circles an enduring fame
In the year of nineteen fifty seven the fawn speedster from Millstreet
In the big tracks in big races with success against the best dogs did compete

Many years have come and gone since and time as ever ticks away
But in young greyhound racing fans in Ireland of the nineteen fifties memories living on today
Of the mighty Tanyard Champion who raced to many a big race victory
In the big tracks around Ireland the dog the fans flocked to see

In nineteen fifty seven going back some sixty years ago
I was just a ten year old then since time has become my foe
The years seem to pass so quickly only the good memories remain
Of the what was and used to be and will never be again

Since the days of Tanyard Champion many years have come and gone
And the now is all that matters though the memories do live on
Of Pat Cashman and his greyhound the dog who raced his way to renown
In the big greyhound tracks in Ireland many miles from Millstreet Town.

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