In The Depth Trouble Is Solitude

My sky is fallen down, , ,
And I can't hold my grounds, , , ,
Because my feet are running away, , ,
When I tried to maintain their stay again, , ,
They said, sorry we are already on our way....

They are on their way and is all well, , ,
I wish I could find them there and everywhere, , ,
Maybe tears and fears might be to haunt my nights, , , ,
Since I have no ground and feet to fight....

I refuse to worry but once abuse my sorry, , ,
To worry gives nothing but a long story, , , ,
Why in my own world nobody knows my name, , , ,
A master, now broke in the game...

I try to keep hold of the game, , ,
But anytime I turn a look, my players gone, , , ,
I was alone on my own, , ,
Will my dreams survive? I ask and pray to end at the end, , ,
With me, my only friend...

by Enoch Owusu Gyamfi

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