In The Event Of My Demise

In the event of my demise when my lungs can take no more
With the sealing of my eyes as my face rests on the floor
The doctors tried to help it but my bodys getting worse
If you only could have felt it, what I dealt with, man it hurts

In the event of my death when my heart can beat no more
Until my last breath I had strived for so much more
As I'm bleeding from my eyes as they also start to swell
I prayed to stay alive and I would try to do more well

In the event of my passing as the end is getting near
My childhood steady passing as my questions getting cleared
So to my mom and dad I had tried to do so good
I really wish I had shown you love just like I should

In the event of my down fall as I've finally reached the end
I get pulled down from the gates so I guess I've lived in sin
As I fall its getting darker as the hot is getting heavy
I wish I was much smarter as my heart rate starts to steady.

by Alfredo Parra

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