In The Eyes Of A Soldier

I saw the war of Nam
Where life does not matter
The battlefield is home
The smell of Death all around
The Angel of Death standing
They are waiting
The Horror of death
It was always on
Someone else's land
The bomb bullets and traps
Tools of the trade of a soldier
Now it hits home
The horror of 9 - 11 -2001
The feelings of my heart
Being tore from my chest
What cowards there are?
Come and meet me face to face.
I wont let you harm my people
I will die for my land
You say you are a holy man
I cannot see it
The war is a holy war.
What kind of holy man
Hurts innocence people?
I am A Soldier until I die
This is my home do not mess with it
Ever or you will die.

by charles kuehnle

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