In The Face Of Death

“Death is the ultimate enemy, ” says Scripture,
For death brings about the total cessation of one’s life;
And thus, to the victim of death.
Of all things, and as life is the supreme value,
Death is a terror one must avoid at all costs.
So one of life’s most prized skill
Is the avoidance of death, and humans
Keep running away from it.
Death opens up a door to the Satanic minded,
To be threatened with death ordinary mortals
For whom death ends all, anything and everything
Can be sacrificed for life’s dear sake
For nothing is of greater value than life.
The Mafia became the dreaded terror
As it is ready to kill to secure its interest
And truth is silenced in the face of death.
Life is laden with threats of death
And humans are pushed to and fro
To skirt around death,
Abandoning moments of truth, grace and love
To hang on to precious life
But in the long run life’s greatest value
The authentic life is sacrificed.
But there are humans, thanks God!
Who hold on to values that transcend human life.
For whom death holds no terror
They are the ones who hold terror
To the Satanic minded pushing them to schemes
So ridiculous as they frantically seek
To keep truth from coming out
And in the process expose the evil that they are.

These humans committed to live the authentic life
Die much too young; they are not allowed to live long
In a matrix of life ridden with evil with all its
Horrendous shapes and forms- -for to dominate
They have to exterminate truth tellers
Who no fear of death; they die, yet they live.

They are the heroes of humanity who dare
Face the chopping block and firing squads
For they must have seen and known
Verities of life that transcend life itself
That the common run of humanity cannot see
And they have accepted death
That the truths the keep us human
May penetrate deeply in our being
And make life in this sin impregnated world
Meaningful for ordinary mortals like us.

by Levi Oracion

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