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In The Fall Of Youth And Wonder

Strung out in the middle of the street, that's where you'll find me.
When the stars hang midnight weary over a passion so dim and dreary -
A passion for faded loves.
This Summer city sleeps, but I don't.

There were days when I seldom felt alive
Like filtered thru seraphim that only existed in dreams,
While I withered in chaos and other luminous things.
Countless hours were spent watching from windows
(Singing songs without a rhythm)
Onto vacant existances that thrived below me...always below me.

And the burning, the nausea-the sickness and shakes
Followed by the pitiless belly aches,
(The ones that are mine, all mine)
Would come to a halt with the calm of my mind.
Remembering all the warm and sunny days that I spent inside...wanting.

And all my days are full of sorrow
Watching from windows while red leaves dance,
While the regrets from all of my sorry harlots,
Left me in some sort of benevolent trance.

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The imagery is grand. A well thought write. Patricia Gale