In The Fat Kid's Heart

Whats with the word skinny,
a hurtful word in the mouth of many,
I struggle everyday,
diets, pills they all say,
how do i feel when i walk down the street,
I'm fat and shy so who will i meet,

I cry everyday just by looking in the mirror,
Why god, Why please make my life dimmer,
I pray to you, I pray so hard,
I want to runaway some where far,
I want too die, I want too die now,
I'm in great pain, My whole life is foul,

I try on my jeans, but all i can do i scream,
My family the people had to be so mean,
There is no courage, there is no hope,
So this hard life how can i cope,

I'll tell you whats with the word skinny,
because in everyones heart its a word for winning,
So in this world where do I start?
In the fat kid's heart

by Kelly lee

Comments (2)

A sad, heartfelt poem that so many can relate to. I was an extra skinny person for most of my life and the word 'skinny' took on a different meaning for me. It was hurtful because it was said in a hurtful way. It meant I was not like other people. We just all want to fit in. I have some rolls now but how I suffered most of my life. People need to learn to shut their mouths when they can't say something nice. God Bless you - if this is a peom discribing yourself. A '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
nice poem, well written.........