(04 October 1943 / Germany)

In The Forum? ? ? ?

There once was a poet named Turner.
He was kind and a rather quick learner.
Then he tempted his fate
when he stayed for debate
Someone quipped 'use the afterburner'.

If you aim to remain and match wits
you will find that this place is the pits.
Where the poets throw rhymes
to the gallows like crimes
while creating fourliners 'bout tits.

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Comments (4)

People have different angles of views and for every action, good or bad, theres an equal and opposite reaction.nice poem here
Yes, seems nobody escapes the forum without at least one negative experience. Strange goings on there - fun to observe, and sometimes ya just gotta make one little comment. But don't take it seriously if you rattle some chains. All part of the game! Linda
You really got this one right, Herbert...and with humor, your trademark. Raynette
excellent limericks!