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In The Fray (School)
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

In The Fray (School)

hours, hours yes they fly by
so far away, so high in the sky
i just cannot reach
any of my dreams and there is a breach
in consciousness and rhyme
and this gap may last for all time
in the middle of the test
taking a crazy exam with little food and little rest
they think i am crazy now
maybe not done asking the question how
and why?
why o why do i write am i high? or something
or on drugs? nay and no i say
quite frankly, no not today,
it seems like such a useless endeavor
to forget one's problems in a such a way
therefore i run far away
from such things as i take my test
the bell rings yay done
time to have fun?
time to rest?
no and no again back to the asylum...

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