In The Garden Of The Universe

The lamb dances in the garden
and the eagle sings its song to heaven
from the outreaching branches of the apple tree
and in the earth the heart of the amethyst
beats a lesson for the heart of man.
And nature breathes the glory of it all,
spiralling and growing to embrace the sky.
The lamb looks up to greet the Sun
which looks down with awe and winks.
No beings could match the smile of the lamb
but the goddess that smiles through her,
for the day is new and fresh as the air.
Already awakened, ancient dreams
struggle to shine through the clouds of mind,
but unity has already sung in the eternal sky.
Mother earth blesses her with gifts
Father sky kisses her with the morning breeze
Sister water cleanses her every fibre
and brother fire shines light upon her glory.
The dawn of the water-bearer is rising
as the kings take their thrones
and build them into temples.
But Eden was here all along.

by Edward Durand

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Great poem. I am impressed. It was written well with nice texture and imagery. I rated it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2. Best regards Akmal