The End Of Real...

They made it public
today, on Radio Fun,

the world has had it!

climate change
is irreversible,
and the world is
going down...

I wonder if guilt
is poetical enough?

for all the wine
once smoked,
the time I kept
a motorbike,
bin bags
with even worse poetry,
all the blasted shoes
and clothes -


so that's it,
why be

'the Storm is coming -
get your back against
the wall...',

and the days play more

everything's on hold...
everything's on hold...

on the dumb ass eyez
of the world,

A power-hold!

(well, let's not get
carried away...) ,

in the Seventies
I awaited Nuclear death,


what happened boys,

did you syphon off
too much
of the black stuff?

more importantly, we're
all here to go,
as Burroughs sez
'Into Space'...

well I got fed up of playing
the romantic,
but I didn't ever give in
and buy a car,
maybe that's why I didn't
go very far....

No, but I did, you just can't
measure the kind of stuff
that goes on in your head...

the only thing I failed
to do - was stop you...
and you...And then myself
most of all...

yet I have clearly benefited,
in some idiot way or other,

we need get to get rid of anything
and everything now, and put on
our poor self same robes,

and Pray to the Spirits of the East
the West, and the North and South,

This is hard, it's been a long long
time since I put my hands together...

Your Emptiness - I'm Palpitating!


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